SIA "TEHNIKA AUCE" - in production of equipment and metalworking since 1993 GPS: 56.4545 | 22.8871
Lengthwise sawing and vertical sawing machines
Timber Impregnation Bathes
Sawbands for wood and metal
Gear reducers and variators
Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic hose cutting and swage machines
Soil levelers

Treatment of Metal
Mechanical treatment of metal
  Mechanical treatment of metal is performed using modern setters for the treatment of metal. Cutting, lathe and drilling work is performed using programme management setters. This equipment is suitable for the production for components of any degree of complexity and precision.

Thermal treatment of metal
  Thermal treatment of metal ensures the fulfilment of mechanical endurance requirements for individual components. Thermal treatment of metal is carried out in conformity with the technological plans developed in the company’s metal-technology laboratory and under its supervision.

Metal sawing and cutting
  Semi-automatic and automatic bandsaws are utilized in metal sawing and cutting. Programme management for gas and plasma cutting equipment allows the cutting of components of any shape and size.

The design
  The design of components, junctions and products in 3 dimensions and the testing of the operation of these 3D models in virtual mode ensure manufacturing with a correct technical specification and the complete trailing of the impact of changes.

The measurement laboratory
  The measurement laboratory monitors tolerance in regard to the dimensions and shape of components and changes to the various processes and stages of the production of components thus preventing the utilisation of unsuitable components.

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